Beginnings, one of Many

I feel a calling to share here. Share myself and share others. It started out with the desire to share others only. Planning to continue having guest writers and bloggers. This was fear. Fear of myself and fear of all of you. Fear that I wasn't qualified to write, or didn't have anything good enough to say. Or that I wouldn't be able to say it well enough. I'm happy to say I am now OVER that fear. I have come into my power and the magic I can create with it. The power we all have at our disposal, if we so choose.

I stumbled a bit when I thought about what I wanted to share first. How would I begin? I was still waiting to be an authority, established, or ‘there’, wherever that is, before publishing anything. Then I decided I didn't want it to be that way, that it couldn't be that way. I want all of you here with me from the beginning. And evolve // grow alongside of me. Because after all our best teachers are those that admit their own struggles with growth and share their journey.

With so many topics, thoughts and ideas floating in my head, I decided to start with my Heart. I am here today because of a tremendous amount of healing and work I have put into myself. So many beautiful souls have graced me with their gifts, and opened my eyes // heart to the power within. So much so I took a leap of faith into my own Practice as a Healer. Part of what I share will be my experience as a Healer, as well as a Self Healer. Because that is the heart of it all. Healers do not heal you, they facilitate and hold space for you to heal yourself.

Other parts of my stories // insights will be what is Given to me. I receive a lot of messages and downloads through my Meditation // Reiki Practices. Insights and Sparks of Thought that are meant to be shared, hopefully sparking something inside of many of you, inspiring you, and enriching your life in some way.

I’m not going to fuss over grammar, spelling (autocorrect should catch most of that) or sentence structure. Because that isn't me and wouldn't be AUTHENTIC. I want to be real and honest with you. Connect with you and endear myself and my messages to you. And you to me. If my mistakes bother you, that is just another opportunity for us all to grow, practice patience and understanding.

Are you ready // willing to come along with me?!

Let's get started shall we?!

{My first FULL Blog will be published immediately after this}
** Thank you for hoping on over to it