How are Inspirational Stories sometimes an Ineffective tool in Healing?!

How are Inspirational Stories sometimes an Ineffective tool in Healing?!
….the answer is Motivation, what is the motivation in using it as a tool, and how does this motivation effect the Energy behind it?

My story doesn't really matter, your story doesn't really matter. Our plight or the level of ‘in spite of’ doesn't matter.
We have to let go of those narratives, those gauges. And KNOW that no matter who we are or what we've ‘been through’, we all have the power to change our circumstances.

One persons ability to change -versus- another, regardless of circumstances or starting point doesn't matter. Those are just distractions and justifications. Sometimes as an excuse as to why it can't be done, or to prove just how amazing one person is over another. And that is all bullshit. And can undermine someone's efforts to heal.
Our stories should be shared to help others know they are not alone, or to spark new ideas or ways of looking at a situation. Not to be used as a gauge of success, or victim hood. When we share our own stories or someone else's, we should be careful with the language we engage in, and ultimately the energy we give it.

Are we playing into victim through our sharing, or are we playing hero, and therefore justifying someone else's victim role? Or are we coming from a place of love and empathy? Choosing the latter can be a hard perspective to find and be present in. Our own old victim roles will occasionally try to poke their way back in, always there in the background waiting to be fed.
Shifting the power in our words from victim to empathy is where we will find true transformation. And where Inspiration//Empowerment should be drawn from and shared.

Those of us that are Healers or Leaders in the Self Healing movement need to especially be mindful of this. All too often I have seen, or even been consumed myself by the role of Hero/Victim. Trying to inspire through victories or pain stories. Hoping to inspire and empower someone through my story and how it made them feel as they read it. “Look at me, I did this thing in-spite of the horrible circumstances I was dealing with” mentality.

This is the important part >> while forgetting or neglecting to remember the starting point of healing DOES NOT MATTER. Where we are when we start and what we have experienced doesn't matter. Because those are traps and proof that we are not really ready for true healing. Not until we let go of the ATTACHMENT to those stories, and the attachment to the OUTCOME of sharing them.

Asking ourselves why are we sharing? What is our true goal? What do we hope sharing will induce? Our answers can guide us to our own motivations and needs. Is there residual healing that needs to occur, are we using the healing of others as our own? Distracting ourselves from actually obtaining anything long term. Most of us mean well, and do not do any serious harm by trying to help others through our stories. But we are also NOT doing any serious helping either. We will not inspire long term healing or deeper healing for anyone else or ourselves through the wrong dialogue.
Especially if our dialogue keeps them trapped in our services, like we are the answer to their needs, because we already saved ourselves. We as healers are here to INSPIRE SPARK, that is all. Create and Hold Space for them as they grab this Spark, then let them go to play with it and explore it's possibilities. Possibilities that may lead them back to our services, or maybe not. Maybe we were just a small part of their journey. No less or more important than any other. Because holding onto gauges, holds onto outcome. ATTACHMENT SMOTHERS GROWTH

What does this all come down too? Ourselves. We are responsible for ourselves. Regardless of who or what sparks inspiration of healing in us, we cannot get attached to our outcome being like anyone else's, because our starting point is different. We also cannot depend solely on the example of others to guide us, we have to take that spark that they started and nurture it ourselves. Using someone else's story as Inspiration -NOT- Gauging.
The gauging of our worth, their worth, our success, their success, and most importantly everyone’s level of Victim. Because the goal is to let go of victim, not to feed it.

What is your True motivation when sharing your story?!