Miraculous Moments

Nothing short of Miracles.
From the moment I made my recent Soul Session appointment, the Energy started to build. During my appointment (even as an Energy Healer with experience guiding my own clients through the process of healing, which oftentimes is slow and a little mysterious) I felt disappointment and let down, and afterwards even frustration. Because as a Client myself, I couldn't immediately remember the Sacred Process. I was too caught up in the emotions of expectations. And tried to predict how it would all unfold.

Silly me. Every single fucking time. Every time. I predict and I ultimately get reminded that I should not even try to.

My ego needed to Die. I had explored the ego and what power it had over me for the better part of a year. Like really explored it. I had never been ego driven in my desire to help people, and always led with love. But my ego intellect was in control of my inner dialogue of myself. Oftentimes leading with fear and self deprecation. And this ultimately effected my ability to help others in bigger ways.

Because it led to me Living and Working Small.
Smaller than I was capable of.

After a big tantrum from my intellect ego, I could finally see it for all of it’s power. The power it had over me, and it’s desire to control me. Once I could see it without filters and distractions, I could let it go. Poof, gone. I no longer needed it, it no longer controlled me.


One of the biggest shifts towards healing in my life. And in the lives of those around me, because I am a Healer, it rippled into the lives of those near me. My family and the ones I work with as clients. Starting with my husband.
I knew he could not continue in the work he had settled for. It was against his natural gifts and needs. Yes he was excellent at it, but this does not mean he should be doing it. Especially not in the context he was, which means doing it for someone else. He is a superb salesman and manager. But he is meant to be either doing it for himself, or tap into the skills that lead him to be so good in these roles and turn them into something bigger.
He is a born Entrepreneur and just does not know it yet. But I did. I also knew his current job was going to kill him, because it was so out of Alignment with what he should be doing. But I cannot interfere with this, nor can I with anyone else. They have to be ready for change, ready to seek Alignment.

They need to ask me for help.
This is what supports the Energy and allows the Magic to happen.
I am here to Share and Inspire.
Then Guide and Teach when asked.

I made such an enormous Shift for myself after my Soul Session, that the big ripple from it opened up the space for my husband to make a big Shift too. He was inspired by my Upleveling and wanted it for himself. He was ready.
And more importantly he was done with the old shit. His job, his eating habits, and feeling overwhelmed by everything.

He sat in front of me and said, “I’m Tired, I can't do it anymore.”

I knew immediately what he meant, he finally arrived to where I had hoped for him to, the Moment of Clarity.

This man who previous to this moment, barely recognized my gifts and ability as a healer, was ready for my help. So I sat with him and started. He talked, I listened. I held space for him as he let it all out. And waited for him to ask me what I thought.
I paused, took a deep breath. And allowed Source to answer my internal questions. This was a bit different because it was my husband. And we had our own history, and our own wounds as a couple.

Source felt my hesitation in this, and gave me the nudge I needed.

I heard “Jump I have you both.”

So I jumped. I spoke with honesty and clarity. I was able in a few short moments, to completely Shift both of our Perspectives in a new direction.

The direction of Living to Work, not Work to Live.

** I will share more on what I said, and the 28 Day Cleanse I started just after, in my next blog.