Part of My Vegan Story

{I recently posted on my IG account a small part of my Vegan Story.
Whether you are Vegan or not, my stories, thoughts and discoveries can help you, and hopefully inspire you too. Please read {as with all of my shares} with an Open Heart}

I was meant to be Vegan all along, {as I now believe we all are}. There were many signs growing up, before I even knew what a Vegan was, I didn't even know what a Vegetarian was. My deep compassion for all living things and my empathy towards their pain. The tears over that pain. The physical pain I would feel on their behalf. My body’s rejection over meat or consuming dairy, sometimes violently at different intervals of my life.


Because everything is Energy. And the Torture, Pain and Fear these Factory Farm animals {and even small farm} are subjected to, leaves an IMPRINT. An Imprint on the subsequent products consumed. An Imprint that gets passed onto us and our Energy. On our Hearts, even if we do not realize it.

I was 10 years Old, living in West Virginia. I lived on a large property that was alongside a farm. Cows were among the many residents there. One of which was a Calf, with the ear tag #28. He instantly took a liking to me as I meandered through the pasture. And we immediately became best buddies.
I would call his name as I approached the pasture, that unfortunately was only the number 28. He would come running from wherever he was to greet me. Ready to play and receive head scratches. We would either walk alongside each other, or when he got big enough, I would ride him bareback through the pasture for hours. Occasionally we would go swimming or wading in the creek and even play chase.
He helped me through an incredibly tough time at home, where I was abused and lonely. He showed me tremendous love and compassion. Somehow innately knowing I needed him, as he needed me too. At least for the short while he was on this earth. Together we forgot about what was waiting for us at home, a heartbreaking fate. I would tell him my secrets, my ‘truths’. And he would listen with his head in my lap. Soaking up the sun and the country breeze. My tears would dry and we would say goodbye for the day. Knowing we would see each other the next day. Looking forward to our adventures, and the escape of it all.

{Even today I can barely write about him, and that period of my life, among many painful times, without the tears flowing so hard I can barely see the keyboard. But the tears have changed, from bitter and extremely painful, to sweeter and grateful. Transforming more each time I allow myself to visit these memories. As all of my memories, pain and heartache transform through Inner Work.}

One day #28 didn't come when I called him. It didn't immediately hit me what may have happened. Until after nearly a week of calling him and looking out into the Empty pasture. I finally realized his fate. I hadn't made the connection. I was in denial, a denial I would continue for many years to come. My heart was broken, and again I was lonely and left to face each day more aware of my surroundings. Gone was Play. Gone was innocence.

{Unfortunately this did not make me go Vegan at that time. We are taught that it is part of life, the pain, the loss, the farming industry, hunting, the guilt {if so inclined}, that it is necessary for our food, for our living, for our well being. It’s Us over Them. The circle of life. The natural order of things. When it is actually so, so incredibly wrong}

I could barely eat and sunk into a deep depression, of which I now know was actually the toll on my Energy, not just my loss, and not just the pain from the abuse. A toll that would continue to pile up until finally nearly breaking me one day. A toll that came, in part, with continuing to consume animal products. My depression // sadness continued to grow for many years, through various experiences and occurrences.
I kept these ‘stories’ held inside, they were my shield, my armor, my need to remember not to trust. I even led with a lot of these ‘stories’ in an awkward attempt to connect with new people. Sometimes turning them off, and oftentimes attracting the wrong ones.

I am Vegan, and thriving more each day because so.
This Blog or any other Work that I do, is no longer like those ‘pain stories’. Now I share through empowerment, now I share through healing. Through a new perspective and opportunity I share. I am not looking // craving sympathy. I want to plant seeds, seeds of healing. One small or big spark in each of you, no matter how big, a spark of Energy, that will be part of your own transformation & healing.
My words // mission may not resonate with you, that's okay. My hope is that it will reach the ones that are ready, the ones that need it now. And maybe the ones that need it later too. Some seeds lay dormant for years, waiting for a catalyst to grow. My work may be the catalyst for some, while only the seed for others. Whatever stage you are in, welcome. I'm so happy and honored to have you here with me.

I have met many beautiful souls in this journey, especially after opening up my opportunities through Instagram {find me }. No longer bound by geography, I now have friends all over the world. Friends who share many of the same passions and beliefs I do. I am no longer lonely. As silly as that may sound to some of you, especially those with harsh views on social media. Just like everything in life, it is what you make of it, it is what you curate.

One of these souls is Diane { @urbansirenllc }, I shared Diane and her beautiful necklaces that remember these beautiful Cows {among many other animals} like my number 28, in my recent post.

Along with her friend Hannah { @sympathy_not_slaughter } who takes photos of these animals on their way to slaughter, capturing their last moments. 

Diane is making me a necklace with the #28 and the word ‘REMEMBRANCE’ stamped into it, in honor of my beautiful friend, remembering his compassion, love, support and life.

Thank you Diane.

Thank you #28, I miss you often. I Love you. 


**Photo Credit Above Belongs to Hannah & Diane**