Shifting Perspective

Why wait? Why wait until someday or retirement to start living and doing what your heart desires? The answer is Don’t. Find a way to make it work now, yes it will mean sacrifice, but there is so much freedom to be found in that sacrifice.

Letting go of the attachments to what is weighing you down. Last week I wrote about my husband reaching his limit, and coming to me for help in finding a different way of living. Us sitting and talking about how we can Live to Work, not Work to Live. Follow our passions and pursue joy, fulfillment, and service more.
So we hatched a plan. We shared anything and everything our hearts desired. At first verbally, then I grabbed some paper and we both wrote down anything that came to mind. Without editing ourselves or allowing fear to step in. These were our hearts desires after all, our dreams. And they needed to be expressed.

I pointed out the pattern that was forming, we both wanted many of the same things. Things we have been denying ourselves, mostly through living a traditional lifestyle. That our house, possessions and location were imprisoning us. With the youngest kid off to college now, there was absolutely nothing keeping us in our current city. It was time.
Time to let go of the unnecessary and cumbersome ‘things’ in our lives. Meaning the house, our stuff, our city, and especially his job. Simply downsizing to an apartment and letting go of the responsibility of home ownership and it’s other trappings would not be enough. That would be thinking too small, focusing on the wrong thing. Nor would a career change for him, that’s still too small.

We needed to focus on how we wanted to feel, and those dreams we wrote down. How could we achieve those by thinking bigger? The answer started with Location. If we changed our location, and where/what we lived in, we could instantly open ourselves up to many of the things on our lists. Because how we wanted to feel primarily was Free, Full of Life, and to Experience other parts of the world, usually near Water. What we needed was to give up living in any place with long term rent/ownership. Or at least anything that was glued to the earth that is.
We needed to make our primary residence either a Boat or an RV. Because of our need for Water, a Boat is the answer. Plus the ability to charter the right Boat anywhere in the World allows tremendous freedom and experience.

Also during our talk, he expressed his desire to follow my example and become Vegan. Or at least for now Vegetarian. He wanted the lighter feeling he has watched me achieve, the lighter heart, more joy and freedom in food choices. Because it also meant not restricting yourself, or feeling guilt over each bite you take. Whether that guilt stemmed from calories, fat, lack of nutrition or death and suffering. He craved the simplicity and freedom from guilt I had found more than a year earlier.
And somehow with this major life change and upcoming world travel, it felt like the perfect time for him to start this journey too. My heart soared, I had inspired not just another person to go Vegan and consciously think about their food, but I had finally inspired someone I have in my inner circle to do so too.

Which for many of us is so much harder to do. Because it cannot be forced, only inspired, and those closest to us are the most weary. Weary because we ourselves have changed, and they were accustomed to our previous Vibrations, and even drawn to them. So they need extra patience when we make major Vibrational changes. Because they are Directly effected and reminded of their own Vibrational level, which is lower than it could be, and should be.

Do what you need to do for yourself, and the ones that are meant to follow, will. Those that don’t, let them go. If we stay Present in our changes and let Source guide us to the Greater Good, everything will unfold as it should. And we are Supported.

Remember from my previous blog post, I heard Source say, “Jump I have you Both.”

This applies to us ALL.
All of the time.

We only have to make the first step and jump off of the ledge of control.

*More of this Story, My Personal Cleanse and other Miraculous Moments in my next Blog Post