Silence the Noise

I had been drawn to the @medicalmedium Book for a while, but was unable to read it for a few more months after purchasing it. I had learned to listen to these nudges, so I waited. Meanwhile I was curious why I would need to, after all it was just a book on healing through food, right?!
Yes it is, but it is also so much more. Following his protocol will Silence the Noise in your Body, starting with the 28 Day Raw Food Cleanse.

(Or at least about 80% Raw I believe, if you just cannot sustain 100%, modify it so you can Stick with it as he recommends)

It wasn't until After I had my first Soul Session, that I could read the book. Because of one Very Important line in the book, that Resonated when I read it.
When your Body and Soul Align, that is when you can Heal 

Whoa. Divine timing as always, after my Soul Session, my physical body and Soul rejoined, and therefore were now ready to heal. Truly heal.

For many I’m sure they do not receive a Soul Session just before reading the book for themselves, and is not a pre requisite for healing.
This was my journey and how it Had to Unfold for me. Maybe other people found something else in the book that helped their body and soul align, maybe they already found it beforehand in some way, or maybe they found it in the process of the Book’s Protocol over time.

Or just maybe their Soul was always in tact and it was their heart or something else that needed to Heal first. 

 That is not for me to know, or for you to know, each person’s experience will be their own, and will unfold in the way they need it too.

Trust the Process, just like any other Healing, show up, do the work, and allow it to happen for you.

The Cleanse is a process of not only ridding the body of impurities, it is a process of Providing you the opportunity to Hear what your body is trying to tell you too. Depending on how much your body needs to heal, how poor your previous diet was, and whether or not you take the time to sit and check inside of yourself (like with meditation as an example), depends on what messages you are Able to hear.

This process may need to be repeated multiple times by some people, some may get it the first time. Remembering we are all starting at a different point, and it isn't a race. It is only an opportunity.
An opportunity to Heal. And is all Divine.

As with anything truly life changing and transformative, whether it is a book, a class, or a service we receive. Revisiting and tapping into these resources multiple times, only Increases your Ability to Absorb different Layers of them. As well as using multiple other tools and methods in healing.
All of it COMBINED, and our DEDICATION is where the transformation happens.

I will elaborate more on my own Journey with this Cleanse, and the Miraculous Moments that resulted from it in my next blog.

Stay Attuned - Reiki Joke ;)


*the food shown in the pic is what I had at the end of the 28 Days