When our ‘Duty’ to Jury Duty Changes

When Our ‘Duty’ to Jury Duty Changes 

- as Empaths, Healers, and the Healed


Have you ever been called for Jury Duty? 

 If so at which point of your healing did you serve? 

Did you consider not raising your hand when they ask questions like “have you ever been a victim of ____”, or “do you have any experience with violence, etc?” While these scenarios may be part of your past, are you currently still holding onto them, or have you released them?  


Because as we heal and release these old stories, they are no longer our truths, and we do not need to continue to share them, regardless of any setting, including a legal one. Because they are no longer your truths, not only do you not need to share them, sharing them is no longer authentic to you, the new you, and would be a misalignment for you now, and will have adverse effects on you if you force them back onto yourself. 

So in this regard you are not being false, or untruthful, because your new truth is just that, your new truth. The point of these types of questions in a situation for jury duty is too assess whether or not you are a risk as a juror, or a preferred juror for the particular trial, and because your new truth is coming from a place that is healed, empowered, and authentic for you right now, your new truth is all you need to be responsible for. And therefore you are in a better capacity to remain open, and impartial more so than the people there sharing their truths that are coming from a place of pain, instead of from a healed state. 

You are now actually an ideal candidate because of your healing, and should honor that, stand tall in it, and never worry about needing to share the old stories/truths ever again. Releasing them means just that, releasing them. Not bringing them back on certain occasions, especially in a forced or inauthentic way. Of course if you ever want to share them in an example situation, but from a point of empowerment or teaching this is different, because it is still acknowledging the healing, and that they are now examples, not truths. And keeps the energy around the sharing clean and clear. 


I'm not suggesting anyone break any laws, and definitely do what is right for you, but I want to spark a different perspective on this subject. Because the truth is you're not breaking any law if you do not share openly something you have spent years letting go of and healing from. Yes possibly you could share without feeling out of alignment, but if you have truly let go of the old reality and stepped into your power, resulting in understanding your past through new eyes, a new heart, and new deeper perspective, it is absolutely going to effect your vibrational truth. Because you now know better than to speak from your pain, your fear, and your old place of victimhood. Letting go is just that, letting go, regardless of the setting. 

Standing in a place of growth, and acceptance of your past, empowers you to be an ideal person to take all evidence into consideration, stay in a place of compassion and openness, listen with your heart and sound mind, not be clouded by pain and the need to be validated. You are now able to weigh all information in a responsible and enlightened way, you are a space holder for the truth and for the light. To shine in the courtroom, be of comfort just by being there, and set the example of peace. This is a much needed introduction into these environments, and you are an asset. 


If you feel into the questions being asked of you, and allow them to settle into your core, you will know what is right for you to share or not. This is the place I want for all of you. And for myself too. I recently served another day on Jury Duty, and it dramatically effected me. In the last few months I had released a lot of old traumas and stories around them. So when asked about old traumas, etc, I felt as a responsible citizen I had to answer according to the old truths, but this did not sit well in my soul. As I stood and answered the questions that followed and had to elaborate on the old truths, my body shook almost uncontrollably, and I wept. Standing there barely able to speak, not because of pain or sadness, but because it felt inauthentic, like lies, because I had recently released them, and rewritten them for myself. So according to most people these experiences I was sharing were true because they did actually happen at one point in my life, but were no longer my reality so therefore were no longer true for me. 

After an extremely long and exhausting day I made my way home after being released, and I reflected on what was the point of all of that sharing and leaving myself feeling violated yet again? This time by myself, because I knew as the words came out of my mouth, they were no longer accurate or relative to my ability to serve. I violated myself in reattaching these old stories back to myself, by sharing in this manner, not from a place of empowerment, but from a place of claiming victim. Not as an example of my rise, but as an example of my old smallness. 


It is more than okay to protect your new truth, your light, and your authenticity. And be an example of understanding, of insight, and of soul. Let the others in that environment feel your warmth and your grace. Own the choice to be impeccable in the new you, the you that was waiting within the depths during those old events. The you that you are meant to be, that probably won’t fit into some societal definition. And that is more than okay, it is magnificent. Let it sparkle. 

This is my new vow for any future service, whether it is a mandatory Jury Duty, or in the service I provide daily in the world by choice. 

I will be Impeccable with my word in every and all situations, even those forced upon me, and legal. My word is what is authentic for me, for my light, for my purpose here on this earth. And that is what matters most, and matters most for all of you. 


You have a choice to protect yourself, to arm yourself, and to empower yourself. And until society can catch up to what it is to be an Empath or a Healer, you have every right to be mums the word when you need to. Because after all the point is your fitness for serving, and when you are responsible enough for yourself, and your own authenticity, you are responsible plenty for weighing in on someone else’s fate. Your gifts will make this easier for you than it is for others. As long as you are in your power, you will not be harmed by your participation. Your power will guide you and protect you always, honor it, use it, nurture it.  


You are not just a citizen of your city or state, your are a citizen of the world and of the universe, own this truth. 

- S. Nai