You're Never Not Spiritual - Written by Guest Blogger Matayla St. Jean



I like to think about how much the society we live in is actually contributing to where the world is today, it is sort of a two-fold scenario when I look at it through the lens of spirituality.


On the one hand we have information floating everywhere, we no longer have to blindly believe what is set in front of us, as it was when religion first emerged, because we now have the means to explore the depths information on every topic imaginable. This is allowing the universe and all of consciousness to expand at the rate that it is. It brings in the possibility of more and more people expanding their minds by understanding what already is.


On the flip side of this, there is a part of the information age that offers a danger of sorts to the awakening process of humanity. As more and more people realize their Divinity in coming to Know who they truly are, we are presented with yet another reflection of the ego mind, a spiritual trap; the idea that some things are more spiritual than others.


When our spark is first ignited to seek Higher meaning and more depth in our lives, we often begin our search in our outer world. We look for ideas and perspectives that resonate with our soul and as we find these tribes and belief systems, we begin to attach ourselves to them.


So now that you’ve found the path that resonates with your soul, are you now more spiritual? Meaning in some way you were less spiritual before?


You're never not spiritual.


Yoga is not more spiritual than running.

Crystals are not more spiritual than rocks.

And you are not more spiritual than your fellow brother or sister.




Attaching ourselves to these ideas and beliefs is no different than attaching ourselves to anything else, it is still just attachment.


Just as your beingness is unconditional, your spirituality also is.


Whether you meditate or not.

Practice yoga or not.

Work with energy or not.

Channel Spirits or not.


You're never not spiritual.


Allow yourself to be molded by the vastness of your own being. Recognize that conditions are conditions, no matter how spiritual you gauge them to be, that is still just the workings of the mind.


The path of awakening involves the detachment from all things, including the things you think are spiritual.


You're never not spiritual.


- Matayla St. Jean