Intuitive Guidance

Take a seat and get clearer on what you are needing most at this time, place your hand on your heart and prioritize what your heart wants more help with. Take notes afterwards.

Now you can have support with these heartfelt desires, longings, questions, and mysteries.

All you have to do is Ask & Accept this Help. The help of your Guides, Angels, Teachers, Loved Ones, Ancestors and Divine Source.

You help yourself by allowing others to help you. 

With these Services you can ask Whatever questions you would like: Clarity, Wisdom, Confirmation, Reinforcement, Reminding, and Compassion on.

With Direct & Immediate Answers from the Allies of your individual Soul. Your own personal Support Team, whether you have a connection with them already or not. Booking a session like this can be extremely beneficial, because this removes your current distractions and allows Truth to come through Clearer and in a more Empowering way. 

All information is channeled through Stacy, then she passes on the messages directly to you

  Sessions are on Zoom, you can decide at the time of your appointment if you prefer Video or Audio only, this is up to your comfort level. 


Due to fewer available time slots, there is currently limited availability of sessions for purchase. With this I have opted to remove online scheduling, and will schedule purchased sessions through email instead, placing these sessions in a time that serves each soul best. This also allows though for international time zones to be accommodated.  

Thank you to everyone who makes a purchase and schedules.  

If you do not see availability for the Service Type or Duration that you are looking for, please email me to see if we can create some space for it. Email:


Steps to Book Your Session:

1. Choose your desired Duration 60 min or 90 min 

2. Add to Cart & Purchase the Selected Listing 

3. When you are ready to Schedule, now or soon 

Email Stacy at: to Schedule your purchased Session.

She will respond with available times/dates for you to choose from 

4. Once your Appointment is Scheduled, Stacy will Email you a Zoom Link for your Scheduled Time 


At the Time of your Appointment:

1. Find a comfortable spot, take a few clearing breaths, and be Present (and on time)

2. Log Into Zoom via the email link you were sent

3. Having a notepad, pen, glass of water, and your favorite crystal near you is helpful 

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