Activation Coaching -3 Month Transformation (1 Full Payment Due)

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Would you love to receive 1:1 Support and Intuitive Guidance to uncover blockages, self limiting beliefs, and clear your Energy of residual old Vibrations? 

Have you been struggling to get a grasp on healing and move out of your current paradigm? You have been reading books, blogs, posts, and maybe even sought individual healing sessions before? But so far you stay close to the same place? Snapping back like a rubber band after a short while? 

Then maybe it is Time for you to make a more Intentional Investment in your Journey. 

Having a structured approach and consistent support from an experienced healer may just be what will get you through this cycle, and accelerate you towards living your best life. 

These struggles are so common in today’s society, leaving most of us feeling lost and overwhelmed. 

But this can change for you, starting now. 


With this Activation Coaching Package:

- You will Receive Energy Clearing  

- Support in uncovering and changing any limiting beliefs or stories you carry around, stunting any positive growth in the past 

- Intuitive Guidance with insights just for you, and for this period of your life, enabling you to make internal connections faster, thus emproving your external ones too

- Sound Healing using various instruments, inviting a more powerful Energy and Higher Vibrations into your Sessions

- The opportunity to have someone experienced to talk to and release any pent up emotions and baggage in a healthy and constructive way

- Guidance on setting Intentions, Expectaions and Goals, insuring better results. Results you can track and feel confident in

- Thought, Heart, and Soul provoking questions tailored for you, and where you are at in this moment in time, opening you up to expand in new ways, and at a pace that is just right for you

- The ability to slow down, find your center, and teaching you lifelong tools you can use in every moment, anywhere, and through anything, empowering you, and influencing those around you in a positive way


Outline of your 3 Month Content: 

* A Spiral Notebook/Journal 

- Guiding you through activities, questions, Journal Prompts, to gain clarity on what you want, how you want to feel. 

- Tools, Tips, and Resources to utilize, meant to help boost your results

- A way to visually track your progress, and have something to make notes in during your sessions, or just after, so you can access it at anytime and see the fruits of your journey

* 1- 60 min Intention Setting Session

- Gaining Clarity and Focus for the upcoming months

- Energy Clearing and Healing

- Sound Healing

- Questions and incoming Feelings addressed

* 5 - 60 min Activation Coaching Sessions

- Bi weekly (every two weeks)

- Activating previously untapped potential

- Energy Healing and Support

- Intuitive Guidance and Incoming Information from Source on your behalf

- Discussion, having someone to bounce ideas, feelings, emotions, and experiences off of

- Homework to do between sessions

*1-  60 min Follow Up Session

- Use within 3 months of last Activation Session

- Share experiences, feelings, and new goals going forward

- Energy Healing

- Intuitive Guidance on where to go next, any additional messages coming through

 ** Unlimited email/messaging support 

- Within 24 hours of your Questions, you will receive an answer and additional support, as this process is transformative and life altering (in a good way), you will most likely need support between sessions

- I am here for you, I promise 


Your Investment in Yourself 

3 x Monthy Payments of $400.00 USD each 

- or - 

1 Full Payment of $1,100.00 USD 

(Saving $100.00) 


After your purchase I will contact you via email within 24 hours to schedule your sessions 

** This Listing is for the 1 Full Payment of $1,100.00 (saving $100) and will have you Paid in Full for the Activation Coaching Package 


** Missed appointments or failure to reschedule any appointment you cannot make as scheduled, without 48 hours notice prior, will result in the credit for that appointment being used, to make up for time set aside on the schedule

If you have any questions or need to reschedule your appointment, please email Stacy at: 

Thank You