Embrace Program Donation/Sponsorship

Thank you so much for your interest.

The Embrace Program is a Service Donation created by Stacy to reach women who are not accustomed to receiving. Women that were taught that they are to sacrifice their own needs entirely, and always put others first. Often finding themselves in circumstances where they are further under appreciated, neglected, and abused. 

My hope through this Program is to reach one woman at a time, opening each into an Energy of Receiving. Supporting her possibly in a way she has never experienced before. Just maybe also sparking something inside of her or around her, igniting a Self Discovery within her.

What is included for the Recipient of your Gift: 

1-Free One Hour Session per approved applicant, either a Reiki or Support Session may be chosen. 

A follow up after the Session providing further support. 

*This service is received online via video or by phone. Depending on the comfort level of the client.  

I can provide the recipient of your donation your contact info if you would like so that they can thank you directly. Understanding that they may not feel comfortable doing this.

Each woman is asked to write a testimonial. I will post and share this on social media and in my monthly newsletter. Excluding personal details of course. I will only mention her first name and last initial. Follow the posts and newsletters with these shares. To see where your generous sponsorship is helping. 

Each woman gets to choose whether or not she wants to publicly share herself.

An email receipt of your donation can be provided upon request for tax purposes. 

With each purchase of this Sponsorship, you will receive a 20% Off Code good towards a service for yourself or a loved one.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at: anapoenergy@gmail.com 


Thank you immensely for your consideration,



*Please visit the Embrace Program Page for additional info as well