Energy Alignments

Shorter, but powerful, these Mini Sessions are Targeted for Specific Intentions.

With a large variety to choose from, there is sure to be something to help. You can use multiple frequently, or start with one.

With minimal investment, these are designed for any budget. Try one today!

Scheduling and communication is done through the WhatsApp app, this is Free app bypassing any data or service charges and is available for Free International Communication

After purchase: Contact Stacy via this app at: either Stacy Nai -or- 470.432.6307

Or you may contact to schedule through email if you prefer, or ask any questions you may have about this service at:    


Finding a few moments to breath and find your center, will magnify the effects of this amazing work. Multiple Sessions will most likely be needed for true transformation, in addition to other healthy habits practiced daily, enhancing and increasing the healing effects of the Energy Work. 




* As with any of my services, they are not meant to replace any medical treatment you are currently on, or as a means to avoid necessary medical treatment. They are meant to enhance your life and well being. And compliment other alternative lifestyle practices. Stacy Nai, nor Anapo Energy are responsible for any claims of negligence. Thank You