8 Week ‘Intuition Boost’ Journey

An Akashic Journey unraveling, revealing & healing many underlying limitations causing your self doubt. Whether in your personal life, or professional life, the roots are found in the same place, your Akashic Records. The vibrational living library of all of your Souls’ experiences, wisdom and truth. 

This is an opportunity to Heal Past Life Wounds, Clear Ancestral Karma, Ask Any Questions You Have, Initiate you into Remembering Your Souls Wisdom, Gifts & Power. Empowering Your Soul Mission & Calling, Activating a Deeper Connection with Your Spirit Guides & Divine Source.  

This is an 8 Week Coaching Journey/Initiation into true empowerment. 

With Bi-Weekly One on One Sessions with Stacy, at an Hour long each. Totaling in Four Sessions.

We will access your Spirit Guides for assistance, healings, and information. And open a Sacred and Safe Portal to your Soul and it’s Infinite Wisdom. 

 Normally $632 now on Sale for $444, at a Discount of 30% Off 

*There is also a Payment Plan Available at Checkout, with 4 Monthly Payments (interest free) 


There are only 20 Spots available!


*If you would prefer to take this Profound Work deeper and accelerate your Progress, Healing and Confidence, you can Purchase More than One Round of this Journey.  

Ex:  Buy 2 Listings for this Service and Receive 16 Weeks!!




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