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It is Time to be Seen sweet Souls. 

It is time for us all to come out of our hiding spot in the shadows, the shadows of the world, and the shadows within ourselves.

It is time to share our Medicine.

And to stop hiding from our Truth. 

       Because we all have our own particular medicine meant for ourselves and for others, others have their own too, this is how it is meant to reach everyone. It starts with ourselves, finding our own clarity and strengthening our self trust in it. Whether we actively work with others in a facilitator role, or hold space for ourselves for others to Witness in our day to day lives, all has a purpose. This is the Purpose so many of us have been seeking. To come fully into our truth, the truth of our Souls Journey and to embody it in every moment. All of who you are, has meaning and needs to be expressed.   

 If you are here reading this, you are Part of this Family of Light. Yes you. You were led here to see this and to feel it’s Potential, reflecting the Potential within you.


 This Initiatory Process is for you if:

-You have been feeling disconnected from your Purpose.

-You find it hard to say no, implement boundaries, speak your truth and find yourself giving away your energy and internal power to those around you.

-You struggle with self-love, and often doubt yourself and your ability to design the life you crave.

-You want to feel more connection with your inner voice and intuition, empowering yourself and your life.

-You feel big emotions and seek more calm, ease, and to feel more confident in your own ability to support yourself through these.

-You dream of serving others with your gifts and heart centered approach to healing.  


 As souls of light we shine when we feel loved, inspired, supported & seen. 

 Yet we have hidden for so long out of fear, leaving us feeling unfulfilled and for the most part without a sense of Purpose. A Purpose that cannot be filled or felt through motherhood, marriage, or a job alone. We feel the calling to serve on a greater scale, an unquenchable yearning. 

It is our call to action. Now in this day. We are being called to be big in our Presence and in our ability to heal this world. It starts inside of us. 

We can no longer suppress our needs, deny our gifts, and give our power away. We can no longer ignore our hearts, be disconnected from our bodies and continue to be so hard on ourselves for this old way of being. We did not know any different, but we can now, we can know a different experience within this lifetime. 

As light workers we are destined to manifest greatness in the world through our joy & our harmony. We can no longer sacrifice our bodies, our minds, our happiness and deplete ourselves for the sake of what others tell us we should be.   

When we can speak to ourselves in empowering ways, celebrate ourselves, trust ourselves, and deepen our connection with our own Souls voice and wisdom. We can better support ourselves and those we love, those that honor us, and that encourage us.

Living in alignment with our deepest truth. 

We can expand into the brightest and highest versions of ourselves, the versions that were always there waiting to be remembered. 


    I created this Initiation because:

  I am a light worker that knows all too well what it feels like to spend years being out of alignment with herself, staying small and trying to disappear into the background, dimming down her light and constantly giving away her power. 

  I am a light worker who spent most of her life questioning herself, doubting herself, holding in her voice, holding back her desires. I am a light worker who didn’t know she had a right to boundaries, let alone how to implement them, an empath, a healer, a mother, a wife, a woman in this world who didn’t know how to protect herself except to hide. Yet the feelings she held in only grew overwhelming, because they were not only her own unexpressed emotions, but those of everyone around her she unknowingly absorbed because she wasn’t in her power.
 I am also a light worker who learned how to heal herself, how to heal others, how to harness the power within her, and to show others how to harness theirs too. 
   After years of inner work, healing, exploring and accessing support along the way, I am a woman who now turns to herself first, and to her guides for her own inner truth in any moment. Self supported, and open to peer support. I experience less crisis and desperation than before. And now know that when they come calling, I need to pause and regain clarity on where I am at, what I am needing, and how to find it.
   While I am still on this self discovery journey too, I can honestly say that this work I share, that I practice for myself, has transformed my life. 

 I have dedicated the past 10+ years of my life to healing my own wounds, reclaiming my power, loving who I truly am, finding pride in myself and my work, and stepping into the light. And now my fellow souls of light, I want to support you to do the same. 


  I want you to feel confident in your choice to work with me. I want you to Trust your own Inner Voice, that nudge, that curiosity that led you here. It is never by accident, it is your own Soul guiding you to an opportunity for Clarity & to feel Seen.  

  All I ask of you is to open your heart and try to trust your own inner voice that wants so desperately to connect deeper with you, supporting you, and is always there for you in every moment. I want you to consider the possibility of hearing this voice clearer and harnessing the power it can provide you and your journey. The power to be self supported and confident in each decision, each step, and in each feeling you have. And to also know when to seek assistance and support from those that encourage you in your journey to empowerment and self love & actualization.
Because we can help ourselves by accepting help from others too.   



What this Initiatory Process Includes: 


  • 6 Guided Intention Settings with different Focuses 
  • 6 Journal Prompts  
  • 6 Guided Meditations specific for each Initiation 
  • 6 Integration Question Forms  
  • 6 Manifestation Actions 
  • Bonus Integration Following Initiation 6
  • Bonus Integration Question Form Following Initiation 6


        = 6 Initiations of Energetic Immersion Discovery of your Souls Truth, Inner Power & Passion. Empowering you through Clarity, Strengthening your Self Trust & Inner Voice. 

  *no longer includes a 1:1 session, this would be a separate purchase  


After Purchase: 

You will receive an automatic email with access to your (student dashboard), prompting you to create a password. From here you can access your Initiation Content // Bundle Content. You will have lifetime access to this content and can use it over and over again.