Inner Initiatory (Online Soul Work)

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This Initiatory Process is a 6 initiation journey of self discovery & self empowering practices.
Opening you to Inner Clarity & Authority, and to know your Souls Purpose.
Initiating you into harnessing your own Inner Power. 
This Initiatory Process is for you if:

-You have been feeling disconnected from your Purpose. 

-You find it hard to say no, implement boundaries, speak your truth and find yourself giving away your energy and internal power to those around you.

-You struggle with self-love, and often doubt yourself and your ability to design the life you crave.

-You want to feel more connection with your inner voice and intuition, empowering yourself and your life.

-You feel big emotions and seek more calm, ease, and to feel more confident in your own ability to support yourself through these.

-You dream of serving others with your gifts and heart centered approach to healing.  


What this Initiation Includes: 


  • 6 Guided Intention Settings with different Focuses 
  • 6 Journal Prompts  
  • 6 Guided Meditations specific for each Initiation 
  • 6 Integration Question Forms  
  • 6 Manifestation Actions   


1 - 60 min One on One Session with Stacy hosted on Zoom  *(or by Phone)


  • Bonus Integration Following Initiation 6
  • Bonus Integration Question Form Following Initiation 6
  • Bonus Support through Messaging on WhatsApp 


        = 6 Initiations of Energetic Immersion Discovery of your Souls Truth, Inner Power & Passion. Empowering you through Clarity, Strengthening your Self Trust & Inner Voice. 


During your 1 included - One on One Session:

We will go into your Akashic Records, Accessing your Souls Truth. Any Shamanic Healing or Reiki can be introduced as needed. Your Personal Guides will be Present and Navigating the Session. Providing you with any Insights and Messages they want you to Know. The Healings they Initiate are Profound, and ultimately are used to Empower you in your own Ability to Design the Life you Desire.  

Because you are enrolled in this Initiatory Process they will use the Time within this Session to possibly:

  • Give Instructions or Action Steps
  • Remind you of Forgotten Wisdom and Knowledge 
  • Connect you with Ancestors or Loved Ones
  • Heal Past Life Traumas or Relationships
  • Guide you to whatever you need Most at This Time 


After Purchase: 

You will receive an automatic email with access to your (student) dashboard, prompting you to create a password. From here you can access your Initiation Content. You will have lifetime access to this content and can use it over and over again.