Meditation Bundle

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This Meditation Bundle is a Collection of 6 different Meditation
Journeys of self discovery & self empowerment.
Opening you to Inner Clarity, Re Patterning, and to feel more 
Aligned in your Souls Purpose.
Initiating you into Accessing your own Inner Voice.  

Whether you are new to Meditation or well Practiced, this Bundle is Aligned for you.
Because you are here, Trust what led you here. 

This Meditation Bundle can Assist you through these experiences and more: 

-You have been feeling disconnected from your Purpose. 

-You find it hard to say no, implement boundaries, speak your truth and find yourself giving away your energy and internal power to those around you.

-You struggle with self-love, and often doubt yourself and your ability to design the life you crave.

-You want to feel more connection with your inner voice and intuition, empowering yourself and your life.

-You feel big emotions and seek more calm, ease, and to feel more confident in your own ability to support yourself through these.

-You dream of serving others with your gifts and heart centered approach to healing.  


Meditation Bundle from within the ‘Inner Authority’ Course +plus Journal Prompts  

  • 6 Meditations with 6 Different areas of Focus = Comprehensive Support 
  • 6 Journal Prompts Before using each Meditation Journey 
  • 6 Integration Exercises after using each Meditation Journey  
  • Each Meditation can be Downloaded to your Device for easy access anywhere
  • Each Meditation is approximately 16-17 minutes long 


The 6 Meditation Journeys Inspire:
  • Release
  • Remembering
  • Revision
  • Restoration
  • Reclaiming
  • Realignment 


After Purchase: 

You will receive an automatic email with access to your student dashboard, prompting you to create a password. From here you can access your Bundle Content. You will have lifetime access to this content and can use it over and over again.