Distance Reiki - Attune & Align

 Prepare for an Incredibly Calming and Restorative Experience. Energy knows no Limits, this is why Distance Healing Works.

All the Chaos and Hectic Energies of day to day Life can really add up and knock us off kilter (out of Alignment). Within a Distance Reiki Session you are in the comfort of your own home (or wherever you choose to be), & Held within the Sacred Container of all that is you, so you receive exactly what you need within each Session. You are safe, you are loved, you are infinitely supported, your personal guides are present and help guide my work. 

Do you want to Strengthen your Inner Connection, Find more Serenity, Feel more Balanced, Feel Nurtured and Loved by Source? 

As a Reiki (Master) Practitioner I can access your specific Energy Centers with a Blessing, ensuring you are safe and protected, nothing private and that your heart is not open to revealing won’t come through. You are guarded by your Guides, and through the Integrity of my work. While in a Reiki Session what you need most will come through, providing us (you, me and your Guides) the opportunity to Clear Sticky/Dense Energy, Increase Chi (Life Force Energy), and Balance the Energetic Body/Aura. Providing you Nurturing, Support, Relief, Calmness, and Energy Healing.

With your open heart and mind, you decide how much you want to receive/experience within your session. 

Steps to Book Your Session:

1. Choose your desired Duration 60 min or 90 min

2. Click ‘Select Time’ the Calendar with available time slots will pop up to Schedule your Session (you can always change it later) 

3. Add to Cart & Purchase the Selected Listing 

4. Read the Before & After Your Session Page for added Support  

5. Stacy will Contact you to Confirm your Selected Time, your Phone Number, and to answer any additional questions that you may have before your appointment 


At the Time of your Appointment:

1. Find a comfortable spot, take a few clearing breaths, and be Present (and on time)

2. Stacy will Call you (if you prefer video chat versus a phone call please let me know in advance)

3. Having a notepad, pen, glass of water, and your favorite crystal near you is helpful