Sacred Adornments (Jewelry)


The New Oracle Collection!  


These pieces channel the Divine Feminine Energies of the Goddess, Priestess, Healers & Guides, and have been Programmed/Blessed in Ceremony on your behalf. 
      These Transformational beads assist in manifesting the radical yet supported journey within.
Holding you, inspiring you, and reminding you that you are the way.
Through you and your devoted practices, all is possible.
While we may not immediately understand the unfolding and delivery of our miracles, we can trust that all will become more clearer with presence. Keep asking for help, keep opening to receive, and keep showing up. Expanding our ability to hold these divine energies in our own energetic fields/bodies at greater and greater capacities = Ascending into higher dimensional frequencies and realities.
While these sacred pieces are powerful, they can also be worn because you are simply drawn to their beauty, trust that something inside of you is aligning with them now, & that if all you are ready for is to wear one of these special pieces without any particular practice, that, that is enough.