Soul Excursion

Remember Forgotten Wisdom, Know more about your Ancestry, have Past Lives Revealed and Remembered. Empowering your current Life moving forward. 

Connect the pieces that may have eluded you previously, anything unexplained or that continues to repeat. Clear more and more of your Karma within these Sessions. 

Your Akashic Records are the Energetic/Vibrational Record (Imprint) of your Individual Soul’s Journey. Every experience, moment, memory, gained knowledge of many lifetimes, and purpose. Every Guide, Master, Teacher, Ancestor, Angel, and Loved One connected to your Soul, is there waiting to help. We can access these Akashic Records through a specific prayer and vibrational entry point. As a Practitioner I can access your specific Records with this Blessing, ensuring you are safe and protected, nothing private and that your heart is not open to revealing won’t come through. You are guarded by your Guides, and through the Integrity of my work. While in your Akashic Records what you need most will come through immediately, sometimes as a back log of information, that your Guides have been waiting to provide you. We take a few minutes to allow this information to come through and be expressed. Then we can move into more detailed Past Life experiences. 

Within your Session we may have the opportunity for Shamanic Reiki Healing (if you desire & if time allows), providing us the chance together (You, Stacy, and your Guides) to heal old wounds/traumas. Oftentimes from previous lives that have been carried over and have been the true source of a physical or emotional pain. This is achieved through a visualization I guide you through, and through the energy I work with.

With your open heart and mind, you decide how much you want to receive/experience within your session. 

Sessions are on Zoom, you can decide at the time of your appointment if you prefer Video or Audio only, this is up to your comfort level. 



Due to fewer available time slots, there is currently limited availability of sessions for purchase. With this I have opted to remove online scheduling, and will schedule purchased sessions through email instead, placing these sessions in a time that serves each soul best. This also allows though for international time zones to be accommodated.  

Thank you to everyone who makes a purchase and schedules.  

If you do not see availability for the Service Type or Duration that you are looking for, please email me to see if we can create some space for it. Email:


Steps to Book Your Session:

1. Choose your desired Duration 60 min or 90 min 

2. Add to Cart & Purchase the Selected Listing 

3. When you are ready to Schedule, now or soon 

Email Stacy at: to Schedule your purchased Session.

She will respond with available times/dates for you to choose from 

4. Once your Appointment is Scheduled, Stacy will Email you a Zoom Link for your Scheduled Time 


At the Time of your Appointment:

1. Find a comfortable spot, take a few clearing breaths, and be Present (and on time)

2. Log Into Zoom via the email link you were sent

3. Having a notepad, pen, glass of water, and your favorite crystal near you is helpful 


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