Workshops -In the Atlanta Area (Nov 2018 - Mar 2019)

Buy, and schedule a workshop, or attend a workshop with open enrollment in the area Stacy is currently in. Any workshops advertised in your area can be paid for through the store here. Or at the time of the workshop depending on how it is hosted. 

Host one at your location, splitting the cost with attendees, or on behalf of your business. For more information on a profit split for hositing one at your place of business like a Yoga Studio, Bookstore, Pilates Studio, or Alterntive Healthcare Practice for example please email Stacy at the email below. 

Availability depends on Stacy’s current location, or travel expenses can be arranged upon request. Check with her first before purchasing.

Want to host a workshop outside of Stacy’s current location?

Please email her at: to discuss travel expenses and schedule availability 

Thank You