Meet Stacy



My mission is to connect each Soul with their own Wisdom and Inner Truth that wants to be expressed and experienced.


  Hello, my name is Stacy, I am an Akashic Records Reader, Intuitive Arturian Channel, Shamanic Reiki Master, Meditation Guide, and Embodied Oracle. A Modern Day Medicine Woman. 

  Part of my purpose is to not only show up as an embodiment of this power just like you, sharing it’s wisdom, it’s mysteries waiting to be unlocked in each of us and our clients, and to witness their spark of recognition in their own self power to heal themselves. But to focus more on you, yes you, the Healers, Writers, Teachers, Mentors, Guides, Leaders, and Speakers. I am led to make a bigger impact with my work, by starting with the other Souls doing the work alongside of me, because when I support you, I support all of the other Souls your work touches too. Magnifying the effect of my purpose, supporting you in your own personal journey, and helping to empower your work & purpose here. 

  My other Primary Mission is to Serve those that have already embarked on the Journey of their Soul. The Empaths, Intuitive's, Emerging Healers, Highly Sensitive People, and those that already naturally serve those around them. That may not yet know the tools they can access and use to protect, empower, and explore their Inner Power, but crave more. They ‘know’ there is more, desire to expand themselves and live in more harmony with their Soul, and with the challenges of daily life. Want to find their purpose and passion in this life, and are unsure just how to access this knowledge. Their own Akashic Records are available to them, and can provide them just what they have been seeking too.    

You are my primary purpose and mission. 


We are continually discovering new layers and mysteries within ourselves, previously unknown patterns and purpose. Rising from the depths of despair and disorientation that has enveloped so many of us for most of our lives, I too personally have experienced rebirth after rebirth, and have witnessed the same miraculous transformations in many other Souls. With each passing experience, we take life’s reflections as the opportunities that they are, harness their potential and power for transformation. And make the brave steps forward to help guide others in their own journeys. 

I see you my fellow Leaders of Light


Through my own journey into the Akashic Records I have found the access to endless portals of empowerment and transformation we all seek, but with greater ease. Because every Master, Teacher, Guide, Ancestor, Loved One, and Angel specific for you is there. Waiting for you to connect with them on a deeper level, accessing what they want you to know most, what needs healing, forgotten wisdoms, experiences, connections, meanings, and remembrances.     

  I too felt this ‘longing’ for a while, as an Empathic Massage Therapist, then as a Reiki Master, I desired to be more Self Supported in my abilities. To have a more direct, instant, and deeper connection to the Guidance I knew was always there for me, there for us all. It wasn’t until I embarked on my Akashic Journey that I learned my specific purpose of working with other healers and light workers. I am here in this lifetime to Serve the Servers, even those that aren’t actively serving yet, their purpose may be to serve within the constraints of the typical corporate setting, or any other role they are currently in, but also may not be currently embodying the Full Potential of Their Light. I want each of these Souls to know their Truth and Power, and to Thrive through these Portals, easing their Ascension and Journey into Self Actualization.


I want you to feel confident in your choice to work with me. I want you to Trust your own Inner Voice, that nudge, that curiosity that led you here. It is never by accident, it is your own Soul guiding you to an opportunity for clarity & to feel Seen.  

 All I ask of you is to open your heart and try to trust your own inner voice that wants so desperately to connect deeper with you, supporting you, and is always there for you in every moment. I want you to consider the possibility of hearing this voice clearer and harnessing the power it can provide you and your journey. The power to be self supported and confident in each decision, each step, and in each feeling you have. And to also know when to seek assistance and support from those that encourage you in your journey to empowerment and self love & actualization. Because we can help ourselves by accepting help from others too.   

Follow What Led You Here.