Tips to Maximize Your Experience

This work is so beneficial, absolutely for everyone, and causes no harm. It is tailored by your own Guides to support you in the exact moments of your Session. So it is perfect. This work sets ‘Stacy’ aside, and accesses her soul as the channel.

The most important person present is You.

You decide what you are ready for in your openness of your heart. Be where you are with acceptance, even if you are seeking great change/healing, holding yourself where you currently are (state of being) in compassion is important. We can go from there. 


Before your Appointment : 

1) Set your Intention for your Session. Journal, Meditate, and Connect with what Support you are needing most at this time. Ask for your Highest Good / Most Benevolent outcome to come through. Trust in your Guides. 

2) (Akashic Only) Write down a few questions you seek Clarity on. Opening yourself further into Support and Nurturing. Internal Validation can arrive through this work, open to your own Inner Guidance. This work ultimately comes through You, through your Guidance Team (Angels, Masters, Teachers, Loved Ones, and Ancestors). You are the key. These are Your Records. 

3) Download the WhatsApp onto your phone, then contact Stacy (text only) before your Session to establish contact. You can find her at 470.432.6307. If you absolutely prefer not to download the app, just let me know, it is not required to receive a session.  

4) Be sure to set aside a few minutes before your Session to ground and center yourself. Be present and on time, this is your sacred time, please do not miss it. 

5) If you have never had Energy Work or a Reading done before, be mindful that you may experience lightheadedness, or emotional release afterwards. So please do not drive or operate dangerous tools immediately afterwards until you know how your body responds to this work.

6) If you need to reschedule for any reason, please notify us at least 24 hours or more in advance. So that someone else has the opportunity to receive at that time. You can email us at: or through the WhatsApp to give notification and reschedule.   


After your Appointment: 

1) Ground yourself. Movement, Salt Baths, Extra Water Intake, Eat Root Vegetables, Drink Root Teas, Use Grounding Crystals/Stones are a few tools. Allow the Energies released to move through you easier and Transmute. 

2) You may experience lightheadedness or detox symptoms. This is from the enormous amount of Energy or Release within a Session. This is a Good thing. Nurture yourself, Move Slower, Rest, Nap, Eat Clean & Whole Plant Foods, Avoid Heavy and Animal Based Foods, Increase your Water Intake, and allow yourself to Cry if you need to. Sit and Journal, allowing your Emotions to be expressed. 

3) Reach out to Stacy via WhatsApp if you have any questions. We can also get you scheduled for follow up Sessions for more in depth Support. 

4) Be easy on yourself and remember self compassion. You are doing amazing work/healing for yourself and is not without hard moments, but is definitely worth it and necessary. Celebrate it all.