Embrace Program

The Embrace Program is a Service Donation created by Stacy to reach women who are not accustomed to receiving. Women that were taught that they are to sacrifice their own needs entirely, and always put others first. Often finding themselves in circumstances where they are further under appreciated, neglected, and abused. 

My hope through this Program is to reach one woman at a time, opening each into an Energy of Receiving. Supporting her possibly in a way she has never experienced before. Just maybe also sparking something inside of her or around her, igniting a Self Discovery within her.

What is included: 

1-Free One Hour Session per approved applicant, either a Reiki or Support Session may be chosen. The need for further sessions will be determined at the time of the appointment.

A follow up after the Session providing further support. 

*This service is received online via video or by phone. Depending on the comfort level of the client.  


All that we ask in return is:

1) Every Applicant write an email telling part of her story and why she wants/needs to be ‘Embraced’. Email the application letter to Stacy at: anapoenergy@gmail.com 

2) Promise to write an Honest Testimonial. This helps promote this work and also provides us crucial feedback as to where it can be improved. No last names will be shared publicly. Each client’s private information whether paying or receiving a donated service is of the utmost importance to us. We hold Ethics and Integrity Sacred.  

3) Understand that we may use the testimonial and experience as examples to inspire and encourage others to choose this work. Again no personal details or last names will be used. Retaining the privacy and honoring the pain/experience of each participant with respect. Only patterns, vague scenarios, and examples of breakthroughs will be shared. 

4) Participants may share openly on social media on their own if they so choose. This empowering choice is theirs alone. We support their comfort level whatever that may be. And stand behind each woman’s choice. 

5) Use this opportunity to it’s fullest, take it seriously, set their mindset and intentions for it, open to it’s possibilities. Keeping in mind that change takes time and that they may also not be ready for big shifts immediately after, again taking into account their comfort level. Just be open is all we ask. 

 6) Applicants must be at least 18 yrs old

If you or someone you know could benefit from Energy Healing, please email us and apply. We will only be accepting a limited number of women each month.

Please share this opportunity.  


Donations & Sponsorships are accepted. Please email us to inquire more on this. Each person that donates or sponsors a full fee service, will receive a discount code good towards 20% off a service of their choice.