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 The Shift starts inside You, then Resonates into the World - Stacy Nai 


 Start your Internal Shift and change your world. From the inside out.

JOIN the New Anapo Energy Monthly ‘Shift‘ Membership 

Inside of this incredible Service, you are given the opportunity to access weekly, daily, or even hourly Healing. At your own pace and in perfect timing. Because I am only a channel for Source, you receive exactly what you need, when you need it, and how you need it. With tools included to Support you, Guide you, and Nurture you. This is a perfect way to either start your self love/self healing journey, or to add to the journey you have already embarked on. It is all Divine. 


Weekly 30 min Distance Energy Sessions 

Vibrational Affirmations  

Meditation Worksheets

Journal Prompts 

Plant Based Recipe Ideas and Cards 

20% Discount Off of (One) Energetic or Coaching Service for First Time Clients Only 

First Access to Event Sign Ups through the Members Newsletter 


This is unlike any other Membership, giving you access to enormous savings on my Energy Healing Sessions, plus the convenance of accessing them Anywhere, Anytime, and while doing Anything. This is a Groundbreaking Membership, empowering you and accelerating your personal growth/healing. 

 This is my commitment to the growing Anapo Energy community, enabling me to be of service to more of you. Without time constraints, geography constraints, or budget constraints. Everyone can utilize these services with ease and within their own comfort level. 

 How does this work?!

1) Subscribe On the ‘New Members Sign Up’ Page

2) Every Wednesday evening at 9pm est, I will Hold Space for All members during a Long Distance Energy Healing Session for 30 minutes 

3) During the Weekly Sessions (keeping time zones in mind) you will use of the Vibrational Affirmation that speaks to you that week. Taking a few minutes to stop, center yourself, breath and say the Affirmation outloud. Either softly under your breath or with authority depending on your comfort level. This Activates the Energy I have encoded in each weeks session. This can be done anywhere, anytime, and during anything (except driving or operating machinery until you know how you respond to energy healing) I am sending it to you, so you receive whether you place focus on it or not. Centering yourself only magnifies the effects.

*Please note we will not see each other, this is not a video session, just a long distance session where I send the energy out to you. It is a one time use per week, and only for one person. Due to energy exchange, each person wanting to access multiple times per week or wanting to share with someone else, needs to purchase single sessions available for purchase in the shop. These al a carte sessions are unlimited, you can purchase as many as you need. And schedule them for a specific time that you are ready to receive. 

4) Download and Print the Meditation Worksheets, or fill them out in your adobe reader. Use these worksheets and the Journal Prompts to amplify and speed up your healing. Journaling is one of the most powerful forms of healing. Each week you can focus on different areas of need, or stay with the same focus for multiple weeks. Working to unravel the layers of stagnation. 

5) Every New Member receives a 20% Off Discount good towards (One) of my Energetic or Coaching Services. It is a one time use, per member and cannot be shared with non members. For one session total at the discounted rate. *Not available monthly, only one use total. 

 Just like anything, the more Work you put in, by taking time each week and actively accessing these tools, the better they work. Just by signing up you have made an Energetic Commitment to yourself and it will still be provided to you on my end. At the very least this is an incredible opportunity. As I hold space for you until you are ready to take on a more active role in your self healing journey.

This is a big part of the Amazingness of this membership, all you have to do is sign up, pay your monthly fee (taken via auto payment, different payment options are available) and Woosh you receive each week! HEALING AUTOPILOT, especially good for those that are feeling overwhelmed. I am here to serve you and support you. 

 I am able as a Reiki Master to send distance healing to an unlimited amount of people, anywhere in the World, and at the same time. This does not diminish the power, because I am only a channel for Source/Divine. 

What does this cost?!

Here is the most Amazing part. My distance energy sessions normally start at $72 for 30 minutes 

But with this membership it is Only a fee of $42 per month!!

Yes you read that right, $42 per month to receive Weekly Distance Healing Sessions, plus all of the other tools included  

That is a Savings of over $246 per month, or more depending on 5 week months, you would Save $318. Because remember you receive every single week. 

Plus the 20% Off Discount good towards One of my 1:1 Services  

Imagine how amazing that would be! 

It is Time, time for you to take your Healing into your own hands, empower yourself and Shift your Vibrations to a Higher Elevation. Find the power within yourself, by making the commitment to yourself, at any level you are ready to. Just by signing up and taking advantage of the tools Divine has provided us All

I am so incredibly excited to connect with each of you and serve you

Thank you for being here

- Stacy Nai  


** If you have any questions please Email me at: or DM me on Instagram