Inner Initiatory (Online Soul Work)

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This Initiatory Process is a 6 initiation journey of self discovery & self empowering practices.
Opening you to Inner Clarity & Authority, and to know your Souls Purpose.
Initiating you into harnessing your own Inner Power. 
This Initiatory Process is for you if:

-You have been feeling disconnected from your Purpose. 

-You find it hard to say no, implement boundaries, speak your truth and find yourself giving away your energy and internal power to those around you.

-You struggle with self-love, and often doubt yourself and your ability to design the life you crave.

-You want to feel more connection with your inner voice and intuition, empowering yourself and your life.

-You feel big emotions and seek more calm, ease, and to feel more confident in your own ability to support yourself through these.

-You dream of serving others with your gifts and heart centered approach to healing.  


What this Initiation Includes: 


  • 6 Guided Intention Settings with different Focuses 
  • 6 Journal Prompts  
  • 6 Guided Meditations specific for each Initiation 
  • 6 Integration Question Forms  
  • 6 Manifestation Actions   


  • Bonus Integration Following Initiation 6
  • Bonus Integration Question Form Following Initiation 6


        = 6 Initiations of Energetic Immersion Discovery of your Souls Truth, Inner Power & Passion. Empowering you through Clarity, Strengthening your Self Trust & Inner Voice. 

    *no longer includes a 1:1 session, this would be a separate purchase  


    After Purchase: 

    You will receive an automatic email with access to your (student) dashboard, prompting you to create a password. From here you can access your Initiation Content. You will have lifetime access to this content and can use it over and over again.