Energy Alignment for - Authentic Self Strengthener

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- 15 min Reset on your Energy including Clearing 

- Focused Vibration sent to you to match your desired selection 

- Sent to you through Distance Healing 

- Contact me Via WhatsApp to schedule the time you would like to receive (typically available within a few hours)

- WhatsApp Contact info is: Stacy Nai -or- 470.432.6307

- Availability only between 10 am - 8 pm est 7 days per week 

- Confirmation message sent just before starting 

- Be sure to keep your scheduled time, you can be anywhere and doing anything once you know how you react to Energy Work

(2 hour cancelation notice is required in advance for this service, only 2 reschedules are allowed per service, otherwise the credit goes towards time used for scheduling and rescheduling) 

- If you have any questions please email Stacy at: 

Thank You