Moon Mala

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It has been Blessed and Imbued with a Strong Light-force of Love. Ensuring it’s Nurturing and Supportive presence in your life or even just your wardrobe. This piece is a friend you can take into:  Meditation, Prayer, Journaling, Yoga, or even wear throughout your day, constantly Supporting you.


Flower Agate 



Labradorite Pendant


108 Bead Traditional Mala at approximately 40” length  


This Mala has been pre programmed through Energy Work to be Multi Dimensional in it’s ability to Serve you.  

Your Intentions, Prayers, Meditations, and Need in any particular moment unlocks the most Benevolent  assistance from these pieces. With no over thinking required, coming from the Heart Space, you too can access these Blessings. 

If you were drawn here by their look or something you cannot quite place, and are not sure about all of this talk of blessings, that’s perfectly fitting too. Trust what led you here and follow your Souls Calling to these beautiful pieces. 

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