Reiki Session *by Phone

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 Reiki-   Through Distance work, I will use Reiki Energy Healing to assist you with stagnant or blocked energy centers within your body. 

As a Channel for Divine Spirit, Source, (whatever name you prefer for) a Higher Power, I am a conduit for this Divine Love and Support. Absolutely no harm can come to you, it is all exactly as you need and are ready for. There is very little talking as we remove our conscious mind and tap into the subconscious body and what it needs to release.     


*This service is you mostly receiving, with very little talking. 


This is very passive but effective work. All very nurturing and supportive. Calming you and your body into a more receptive and attuned state of being. Preparing you better for any other Inner Work you are Journeying through. 

Consider it as a Reset. 

Stacy will access the power of Reiki to invite balance and healing within the session. 


* We will connect by Phone 


During your session:

Stacy will address any ares of blockage within your energy body

Communicate with you when she needs your assistance (for example: breathing or speaking)

Use sound instruments to enhance the session 

Open and close with an internal prayer to Source for clarity and to channel the energy needed for you at this particular time

Provide unconditional love and empathy you can actually feel

Radiate a calming and nurturing energy providing support that lasts even after your session


If you are unsure if you want Energy Healing or not, you can purchase a Support Session found here in the ‘Attune & Align’ Collection of Services. Here we can have an in-depth talk and go over your concerns, desires, and longings to better decide which services are the best fit for you.  





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