Stepping Fully Guidebook to Transformation

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     This stunning 52 page Guidebook will Inspire a Deeper Awakening in you. Supporting you and Facilitating Transformation through your Journey. This is the first published work of mine, Stacy Nai.

A collection of Channeled Wisdom, Experience and with a Groundbreaking approach to Healing. Empowering you to Access your own Divine Intuition as your GPS towards Progress.

You can use this Guidebook’s Sections as a Tarot. With the first two parts: Ritual and Recovery as your Daily Keys. Using them as Allies with the additional sections: Reset, Reflect, and Release. Tapping into your own Innate Wisdom on which to approach each day (this is how it is like a Tarot).

With daily commitment to this Inner Work (shadow/subconscious) you will Step Fully into your Highest Self. In all areas of your Life, Full Embodiment. As a Witness of Unconditional Love and Understanding. This World needs your Witness, it needs you Healed, for Heaven here on Earth.  

This Guidebook is spiral bound with a translucent protective cover. Measuring 8.5” x 11”, with Six color pages to start, and 46 additional greyscale pages. Ending in a Powerful Pre Programmed Mandala for Support for the user.

This Guidebook is Energy Healing in itself. And also makes the Perfect Companion to the Healing Sessions I (Stacy Nai) provide. Or can be used with any other Healing Services. After all, we all need access to multiple Healers in our Journey.

I am incredibly honored and excited to share this work with you.  


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** All Contents of this Guidebook are Copyrighted Material. And the Creative Property of Stacy Nai and Anapo Energy. If you share publicly, through social media as an example, be sure to tag and mention either Stacy Nai, or Anapo Energy. Thank you @stacy.nai