“And in my surrender I asked for these tears, showing up in unexpected ways, knowing what I cannot yet, making room in my heart for something new” - S. Nai

The time is now. 

You are here because you are seeking change, seeking resonance, seeking connection. You are called for more, to be more, to know more, and to do more. Maybe you have been on your journey of awareness for a while, maybe you just started by clicking on this site, maybe you are somewhere in the middle. It is by no accident you ended up here, listen to it. 

Your soul is guiding you like never before. We are all experiencing an enormous shift in awakening, it is time to answer it. Here we can connect and grow in this journey together. In community. 

I am continually redesigning this platform to align with my own purpose, which is to be of service to you, all of you. Yes you, even though we may have never met, I am here to serve you. And invite you to stay a while. Whether you pop in and out occasionally, or come here frequently, all are welcome. 

I myself was nearly lost in the noise of misalignment, not knowing that my burdens were actually gifts. Gifts that I am meant to use for humanity and the elevation of the collective. There are countless people with these same gifts, that in large part were previously mislabeled and unused. Or ridiculed by the people closest to us. Not understanding their purpose, their opportunity, their divine design. These gifts can be understood and tapped into, radically changing not only your life, but those you come in contact with. 

By design I learn through direct experiences and then teach through them. Providing others the opportunity to rise from the shallows, and break free from their stagnation through my humble but powerful example. Join me in this effort, and share your gifts too. 

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