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Akashic Reading

Your Soul knows, access it’s unconditional love and never ending support, with your Guides always present. Except now you can understand what they have been wanting to tell you, teach you, show you, and free you from. Allow yourself to be enveloped in the warmth of your Guidance Team: uplifting you, healing you, empowering you, and resetting your current life to be more aligned to your Soul’s purpose and mission. Validating every experience you’ve had so far, and providing you the power to create the experiences you previously thought were out of your reach.

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Meet Stacy, an ally on your Soul’s Journey

Meet Stacy

“Stacy helped me deal with many of the Transitions life brings, and I can honestly say she helped me gain Clarity that years of therapy never did.”

Amy S.

“Through my work with Stacy I have found Clarity, and Reassurance that I am Protected. The timing of her work is always Exactly as it needs to be.”  

Meredyth S.

“I’ve felt so Connected through my work with Stacy, I know I am now stepping into my Power and Soul Purpose.” 

April W.

 “Stacy has such a Peaceful and Comforting Presence, just being around her is Calming, whether in person or over the phone, it is Felt.” 

Amy S.

“Stacy honors and appreciates the Human experience, recognizing the value of Inner Soul Development, both in the Shadows and in the Light.”  

Rachael Cohen -Author

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