Testimonials -Love Notes

 “Stacy has such a pure gift. After months of not feeling motivated, connected or aligned in my personal and professional life, in one session she was able to reinvigorate a passion I haven’t felt in years. I now feel more connected to my souls true work, I have clear direction and new ideas I can’t wait to implement and I no longer fear the unknown. I am excited for all that is to come. Don’t hesitate, work with her, your true self will thank you.”

- Shannon Kaiser, Bestselling Author and International Empowerment Coach   @shannonkaiserwrites   




“Working with Stacy was like chatting with a real live spirit guide who I could actually physically hear! Her words were so comforting and made me feel so seen, heard, and nurtured. As someone who is usually there for other people and listens and helps others’ issues all week long through my job, it felt so good to be on the receiving side and I’m so happy I booked in with her. I left our session with all of my questions answered, feeling much more confident in myself and like I had shed the weight of some of the worry and uncertainty I hadn’t even realized I had been carrying.” 

- Natalie Walstein, Astrologer, Business Coach & The Cosmic Calling Podcast Host @soulshineastrology



    “About a year and a half ago I began to walk down the path of my own spiritual and energetic awakening. I first reached out to Stacy of Anapo Energy after an intense and exciting experience during one of my meditations. A mutual friend had recommended Stacy and her energy services via a post on Instagram and as soon as I saw that post I felt a deep desire to reach out to Stacy for energy work. As I have been working on hearing and listening to my intuition more, I decided to honor that desire and I reached out to Stacy for a personal reading. I am so glad that I did!

    Stacy is highly intuitive and empathic while also being kind, direct and compassionate. Stacy knew right away that I was in the midst of a large personal and soulful transformation. She let me know that my soul called out to hers as soon as I reached out to her and confirmed for me that the work I am doing and the experiences I have been feeling are REAL. She affirmed for me that I am doing the work that I need to be doing to get reacquainted with my own soul. She also let me know with no doubt that I was ready to delve deeper into soul work. Since that initial consult I was astonished to find that often Stacy would post messages to her social media accounts that were EXACTLY the words I needed or desired to hear that day. It was a further affirmation of the ways that our souls connected energetically, in spite of never having meant in person or seeing each other face to face! Working with Stacy solidified for me the TRUTH of Universal Connection. Since that initial consult I have reached out to Stacy for guidance a few other times and each time I have felt my soul alight with excitement along with relax into the sense of being truly appreciated for who I am. Stacy is a loving and feeling old soul – she honors and appreciates the human experience, recognizing the value of inner soul development both in the shadows and in the light. The recommendations that Stacy provided for me have never led me astray. I look forward to when I am more financially available to work with Stacy in even greater capacity because I know with my whole being that her gifts for energy, intuition and ability to alchemize the dark into the light, will assist me in growing my own energetic and spiritual gifts.

 I am honored to recommend Stacy for your energetic and healing needs. Do your soul a favor and reach out to Stacy for then you too will feel the warm glow of acknowledgment of your soul’s true divinity.” In appreciation

Rachael Cohen, Author & Crystal Healer  @infinitesucculent




“Stacy made me feel totally at ease during the entire experience. As someone who often feels introverted and awkward during telephone calls, I really treasured this quality in our conversation. Our journey to the Akashic Records was beautiful, healing, and insightful. Stacy’s soft guidance and sweet gifts were So appreciated, providing some much needed insight into areas I had been seeking harmony. I felt held and understood, and walked away with a readiness to rise to the occasion and find the total alignment I deserve. I Highly recommend her for Akashic Record Readings and all of her other Sacred Services!!!”  

“Thank you Stacy for all you do!”

- Evangeline Summerville, Business Owner & Reiki Master   @thelunarfaeshop & @thelunarfae




“I didn’t know quite what to expect as this was my first Akashic Records Reading, but I was truly impressed with Stacy’s ability to connect. From insights into my ancestry, to healing injuries from a past life that I was energetically holding onto, the information I received was exactly what I needed at this time in my life. If you are feeling called to get this reading I encourage you to go for it. You won’t be disappointed.”  

- Carolyn Stark 



“Stacy is by far one of my absolute favorite healers! I recently had a few reiki / akashic records sessions with her that were some of the most healing things I've ever done and produced some amazing shifts inside of myself. The thing that makes Stacy so unique and perfect for me is her gentle loving energy which creates an environment of complete safety, understanding, and non-judgement. I can just relax when I see her and be truly vulnerable. This is very significant for me, because that gives me permission to be completely open and honest which allows the deepest healing to happen. 

 The wisdom that came through in the sessions was as if my heart and soul were being read directly- it spoke to exactly where I am and what I really needed for myself right at that moment. It also helped me to recognize and anchor in a safe home place inside myself that I could land and return to whenever I need to feel calm, recharged, stabilized, loved and connected to myself. It brought a huge amount of clarity about myself, my life's path and my situation- a feeling of realignment to my journey and what my heart truly wants. I was able to release and unwind compression, confusion, restrictions and wounding that had kept parts of myself frozen and unable to move. It was as if it was being pulled directly out of my energetic field and body so that I could move and be more free and secure. It felt as though it stripped away all the extra noise of people, experiences, ect. so that I could just feel myself and my own wisdom without disruption. My own guidance was able to come to me directly and clearly without having to fight through any static. I could connect to parts of myself and body that I had never been able to feel directly before. Throughout the day after my sessions I feel crystal clear, balanced, relaxed, happy, and aligned-connected to my heart. 

One of the biggest long-term effects I gained from the sessions was a more solid sense of self - a feeling of being centered and confident in me and more solidly connected to the Earth. I felt as if a piece of myself had been returned to me. Because of this I could feel a deeper sense of understanding of who I am, how I function and really accept that from a peaceful place. I truly look forward to working more with Stacy as I know her work continues to build on itself and make you stronger and stronger each time. I am so grateful for all of Stacy’s help and healing... she truly is fantastic! Her and her work have always inspired me.”   

- Emma M.