The Fruit

‘The insidious is munched and crunched upon like a teether, pacified and classified as ‘free.’ The training engrained. You have no clue who you are, and of what you are capable. So easily lulled and so swiftly controlled. They knew you before they even knew you were coming. They planned for you, this creation of use. All for their amusement and plunder. A vessel to carry their agenda, all under the guise of protection. They had to make your generations forget, for they are the weak because they are without light. You are a spark that they needed to douse. Hey woman are you done with this louse? Shake him off because he is already imbalanced. And while you are at it, rescue your brothers too. The masculine and the feminine harmonizing as one, repelling the old and the outdated. Faded into the background of winter. Spring forth in this newest horizon. True freedom is through this power, of both balances coming into fruition. Reap, reap this sweet fruit. The seed and the flesh. In a perfect representation.’

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