The Liminal

This patch of earth I anchor in, holding dearly to the feeling within. An ember of mostly silent magnitude. Moving beneath me ever so slowly. If I stop and listen, I can hear the shifts and feel the pulse. Beckoning me to cross the veil, ever present and often thin. Here in grasp and calling my name. Something is just on the other side. “Come girl you know it here. Drop your guard and stop the pretense. We grow tired of your silence and of your shrinking small. You are power and it’s time to remember. All that you crossed over to enact. Don’t stay too long, for here you’re still needed. Do you remember that you can go back and forth? Liminal and free as you crave. From your heart you will find the access, center in and ride the axis. The Ley is in your veins, un encumbered and nave. Cross the threshold and drop in.”


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