The Trickle

‘Allow it to trickle, the the stain of old illusions. As they leave your existence and rain upon the ground beneath you. Feeding the earth in all of her need, puddled into glasslike visions deep into her core. She heals you as you send her your pain. You honor her with your acceptance of her terrain. Her secrets flowing through you as they are your own. No division between her and her daughters. Even the ones that are yet to be known. Coming into knowing their true essences and truths. There within them through all of the fibers in each connection of flesh, muscles and bones born beyond this realm. Coming forth in this Aquarius age. Sing fruitful the reawakening song, long forgotten and nearly abandoned. Rising among you in dreams and visions of pillars. Under the waters of fragmented dimensions. See the mirrors of heat, seeping through the cracks. Whispers are flowing on radiant shores. We drop to our knees in blistering sands, trembling with sorrow and joy all in one. Home is calling and crashing within. We can no longer live in blinders nor earmuffs of shame. Today we reclaim our Reign.’


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